Sport Odds – Some things to consider

What are the odds on this sport? And what are the odds on that sport? If you pay attention, you’ll hear sports-betting references regularly in everyday conversations. Even more so when watching sports or TV. Sports betting are common in your favorite leagues such as football, basketball, baseball and hockey but just as many fans around the world bet on… Read more →

Small MC Newcomers Are Doing Well

The Kawasaki Versys X 300 is a small high-rise adventure bike, and is available in three basic designs depending on whether you are into urban, standard or one that really works on wildlife roads. The engine is a two-cylinder 296 cubic, and holds 40 horsepower. BMW’s adventurous counterpart, the BMW G 310 GS, has not hit the market yet, but… Read more →

battle of the twins

Speedway Moore Park – Battle of the Twins

SPEEDWAY MOORE PARK SOLO BEST PAIRS & SIDECAR BATTLE OF THE TWINS Grant Tregoning continued his success on his return home by winning the Best Pairs title with his partner Adam Wilson. Tregoning and Wilson won the final by scoring 6 points to 3 over Craig Blackett and John Ross. Tregoning dropped only one race to Larry Ross through qualifying… Read more →