Sport Odds – Some things to consider

What are the odds on this sport? And what are the odds on that sport? If you pay attention, you’ll hear sports-betting references regularly in everyday conversations. Even more so when watching sports or TV.

Sports betting are common in your favorite leagues such as football, basketball, baseball and hockey but just as many fans around the world bet on things like soccer, rugby, mixed martial arts and more.



Point Spread

Who doesn’t love a good, old-fashioned point spread. Not only does the point spread remain the king when it comes to wagering on pro football; it is a favorite among pro-sports bettors and beginners alike. Also known as the line or spread and as betting “sides”,’a common misconception is that sportsbooks sets the spread as a predicted margin of victory. It’s actually the number oddsmakers predict would be a good balance between people who want to bet the underdog and those who want to bet on the favorite.

To take Sports betting seriously

You see them in the newspaper, scrolling across the scores ticker of your favorite sports show and you see them on every stats site on the web – sometimes in Las Vegas money lines or offshore sportsbook point spreads. In many cases, the comparative sports odds you see on sites like Yahoo! or Foxsports or SBNation are aggregated and licensed by OddsShark.

But seeing them and understanding what they mean – and more importantly how to profit from them – is what (for example) is all about.

Odds can be difficult to understand for a beginner

Not everyone understands what “-13.5” when it comes to odds and betting, and beginners in this scene are often unfamiliar with a money line such as “-135” on a baseball game. if you want to get into sportsbetting and odds, you should find a site that takes ports odds seriously,  and are devoted to keep their costumers up to date and have devoted their entire site on gathering them, explaining them, educating people what is a ‘good line’ and a ‘bad line’.

Fortunately you can often see if a site is serious or not about odds, if they have nice tutorials and try to illustrate with graphs and charts on things that is sometimes not so apparent on a screen full of flashing numbers. When you are not sure what the numbers mean or not sure which is the best line for betting , click one of the tutorial pages to learn about becoming a smarter bettor!