Best Motorsport Games to Play in 2020

There are new games coming up all the time and with many people in quarantine, there is more and more surge for motorsport and racing games. In this article, we will cover the best games in 2020 so keep on reading if you want to learn more.

Forza Motorsport 7

According to us, the best game for motor-lovers! It has it all. Exciting gameplay and the most amazing graphics you can think of. Every year we get surprised by the new Forza Motorsport games that they have such quality but this year is extraordinary. We can truly recommend this game.

Dirt Rally 2

If you enjoy playing a bit more of an alternative motor-game we really like Dirt Rally 2. It is not as fancy as many of the other games. Which you can probably understand on the name. Here your car will get very dirty in the race. Most of its maps are on Finland dirt roads. This is a great follow-up game from the first game that was released in 2015.


If you are the fancy type of person then iRacing is that game for you. Here you can feel the champagne flowing when your driver wins a race. This is a F1 game that takes place in all of the most amazing and beautiful places around the world. The game is developed by iRacing Motorsport Simulations which is a quite small developer. That makes it a good cause to support them by buying their game.

Anime Racing Games

One new niche that is not that popular among regular motor and racing game player is the Anime Racing Games. It has a much younger audience and also focuses on female and Asian market. On AbsoluteAnime you can find a list of the best Anime games in 2020. It is not only racing and motor games but you will quickly get a feeling of how these types of games work.