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Trends In The Sports Tourism Industry

sports tourismSports tourism is gaining more popularity and attention as new generation tourists are leaning towards a more active form of vacationing. Governments are viewing this as a significant enhancement to the national economy as sports tourism currently holds a very high value in the global tourism and travel industry. Even though passive sports tourism currently is experiencing elevated growth, more sports tourists are slowly testing out active sports tourism. Sports tourism is rapidly flourishing even in countries such as South Korea, Brazil, Fiji, and in the African continent.

Industry experts have identified the biggest trends in the sports tourism market globally. A tip is to go and check out this site about ultimate road trips and sports tourism if you wish to know more.

  1. A sharp increase of sports events

The sports industry has seen an enormous surge in its fan base like never before. Sporting events like the Super Bowl, FIFA World Cup, Cricket World Cup, Wimbledon Tennis, UEFA Champions League, and the Olympics have gained significant popularity with the increase in the number of sports tourists. The viewer base usually crosses millions for other sports events like the National Football League which is a trend that has made it easier to obtain sponsors for several games to generate revenue from all corners of the world.

  1. Improved spending capacity by the masses

Sports tourism is an expensive affair just like the other tourism forms but the improvement of the masses’ spending capabilities has also brought about an improvement in the takers of sports tourism. Developed countries and developing economies are going through a decreased volatility in terms of disposable income per capita. This has resulted in more affordable high-end products making it easier to include the masses in the business end at a global level.

  1. The emergence of new technologies

Technology has contributed greatly to the increasing interest in sports tourism. New technologies like sports analytics whereby the whole work process is streamlined uniting the sporting community stakeholders on the same platform. This plays an essential role in enhancing the popularity of any specific sport. To transcend in sports analytics, more people travel to certain destinations to view sports events, assess various teams, and manage on a minute level.

  1. A higher preference for active lifestyles

An increase in health problems related to lifestyle has increased the preference for active lifestyles. Busy work schedules make it hard to compensate for reduced physical activity so the new generation opts to vacation in destinations allowing them to be more active.

  1. Lower traveling costs

Travelling globally has become simpler than it was before with the inauguration of a few cheaper airlines. This has simplified things for sports tourists who want to explore sporting destinations worldwide.

Schumacher record matched

The Mercedes’s three-time world champion impressed during the qualification of Belgium’s Grand Prix. The Record time gave him pole a position, and a personal congrats from Michael Schumacher.

“It’s a dream to make such a lap time on my favorite course. I really have the best job available, says Lewis Hamilton who took his 68th pole position and touched Michael Schumacher’s old record.
He was congratulated by F1’s sports director Ross Brawn, who is close friend of seventh world champion Schumacher. “Schumi” has not had a chance to visit F1 since he was injured in a ski accident a couple of years ago, but his family follows the sport.


“I have a greeting from Corinna Schumacher and the family,” says Ross Brawn.
“She admits that Michael always made the record for some star to beat in the future, so congratulations Lewis.
Schumacher shouts to Lewis Hamilton in Belgium

Schumacher had a very special relationship with the F1 course Spa-Francorchamps, he debuted there, winning his first race there, winning his seventh World Cup title there; and also driving his 300 GP on that particular track.

Feeling Honored by the Schumacher-praise

– I just want to say thank you. I have had the honor of being able to compete against him on his go-kart course and in F1, “Hamilton says after qualifying.
“It’s an honor to be touching his record, but he will still be one of the biggest of them all.
Behind him, World Cup leader Sebastian Vettel runs in second and Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes as three.
“I had a good feeling in Q1, but I lost that feeling and had some problems in the second sector in Q2,” says Sebastian Vettel.

“But until the last lap in Q3, the car came back to me. Starting line two is a good position and I’m looking forward to the race tomorrow.

Ericsson fastest in the team

Marcus Ericsson, who knows he must perform to stay in F1, he must defeat his team colleague Pascal Wehrlein.
“I have to show that I’m driving F1 2018, I’m driving for my future. We know we can not compete with our opponents because we have an old engine, Pascal is my measure, “he said in an exclusive interview with Sportbladet.
– We are even, and the statistics say something else. Looking at it, he has a clear takeover, but looking at each pass, it separates one hundredths. Now I have to hit back, have those hundreds on my side. I have to show what I can.


Sport Odds – Some things to consider

There are different ways to present odds. The most common one used in Europe is (of course) European odds or decimal odds, in addition to British and American odds. In this guide we will go through the different odds and how a basic guide on how they work.




Point Spread

Its quite wierd if you don’t like a good old fasioned Point Spread. Not just because Point Spread is the king when it comes to betting on pro-fotball, its a favorite for pro betters and newcommers alike. Also known as the names spread and line  and for bettingsites; its a normal misconception that sportsbetting- books sets the point spread as a predicted winning factor. It should be a good thing to find a balance between betters who want to bet on the underdog and those who feel like betting on the favorite.

To take Sports betting seriously

If you are a beginner in sports betting, you will probably encounter what more experienced players refer to value and values. You can often hear an experienced player say in line with “I think Liverpool has good game value for this odds” or “Chelsea has no value in this odds”

The key to the success of one’s betting is to find the situations where there is a value. A value-situation is there, the offered odds of a bookmaker reflect a probability that is less than the actual likelihood.

You can compare it to heads or tails on a coin.

When you throw the coin in the air, the outcomes are two. Either heads or tails. (Ok, there’s also a microscopic chance that it gets on the side, but we don’t consider that here.

Odds can be difficult to understand for a beginner

If you want to get into sports betting and odds, you should find a site that takes ports odds seriously,  and are devoted to keep their costumers up to date and are devoted on gathering and educating people what’s right or wrong.

Fortunately you can often see if a site is serious or not about odds, if they have nice tutorials and try to illustrate things that is sometimes not so apparent for you is a player. 

European odds, or decimal odds, are according to us, the most easy way to understand odds. European odds are a measure of how much you get back per unit.

Example: If you bet £ 100 at odds of 1.5. You get back 100 x 1.50 = £ 150 . The win is thus £ 50.

Small MC Newcomers Are Doing Well

The Kawasaki Versys X 300 is a small high-rise adventure bike, and is available in three basic designs depending on whether you are into urban, standard or one that really works on wildlife roads. The engine is a two-cylinder 296 cubic, and holds 40 horsepower.

BMW’s adventurous counterpart, the BMW G 310 GS, has not hit the market yet, but is not expected until autumn. We are therefore pleased with the street version: The G 310 R, with a newly developed single-cylinder 313 cubic centimeter large engine packing a modest 34 horsepower.


Tall and Small

Here we see a strange construction, where the cylinder is spinning halfway so the intake is forward and the outake backwards. It is also somewhat backward; All for the weight distribution.

The relatively high seat height of Versys makes sure you shouldn’t  be too small for you to enjoy it fully. For the BMW on the other hand, there is a reversal relationship; You should not be too tall. Are you around average length, you should enjoy sitting on both of them.

Got a drivers licence for a medium motorcycle?

The BMW offers a more cranky driver while The Kawasaki provides a narrow upright driver’s seat with wide steering and protection of a windshield without the possibility of adjustment.

BMW and Kawasaki make the small hoops in India and Thailand respectively. There is no disadvantage. There are countries with developed automotive industry. Buyers in Europe can enjoy competitive mc prices.

There are two motorcycles that are meant to attract more to drive high. As car queues grow, car drivers will realize how much smoother it is on a 300-cubic city bus. Both are stable and easy to maneuver. The suspension is possible to bias on both motorcycles. The frames are made of steel. G 310 R and Versys are also allowed to drive for those who have A2 driving license (Medium motorcycle).

Of course it’s  the motors that everyone is wondering about. Do they stand out? Yes! Both are easy-going coworkers, who go well from relatively low speeds. If you do not have any sensation requirements, you can send in the sixth gear already at 60 km / h and driving in the harsh terrain like snow is a breeze. Should you’ll be having fun on curvy roads, you will certainly have to make sure that you keep the higher turns at lower gear.

Both are surprisingly well built! The two bikes are more exciting than they sound. They have stable chassis and built-in driving pleasure.



battle of the twins

Speedway Moore Park – Battle of the Twins



Grant Tregoning continued his success on his return home by winning the Best Pairs title with his partner Adam Wilson. Tregoning and Wilson won the final by scoring 6 points to 3 over Craig Blackett and John Ross. Tregoning dropped only one race to Larry Ross through qualifying while Wilson battled hard for the tell tale minor points. This is where most of the interest lay all day. The pair leaders fought for the front positions but it was the third place in all heats that counted. Tregoning won the start in the final with John Ross in second with his partner Blackett in third. Had it stayed that way the final result would have been reversed? Ross checked himself and fell allowing Blackett and Wilson through. Ross remounted and chased like a demon possessed but Wilson was too far ahead to reel in. He in fact pushed Blackett all the way to the flag in the final lap.

The most impressive ride of the day came from Dale Finch when he and his partner Josh O’Dockerty met Larry Ross and Cory Lang in heat three. Ross got the jump but was put under pressure by Finch from the start riding a tight inside line. He found his way under Ross coming out of turn two on the last lap forcing Ross wide. Ross recovered to momentary regain the lead down the back straight before Finch pressured again on the inside line. Ross was forced off line and put the bike down in the loose on the final turn as the veteran was running out of track room. Lang came through to take second with O’Dockerty third giving the Finch/O’Dockerty pairing a 6 to 3 point advantage. The only maximum score of the day was gained by Tregoning and Wilson in heat 9 over J Ross and Blackett netting a 7 to 2 advantage.

Visiting Sidecar combination Derek Ramsay and Tony Hislop from Palmerston North won the Battle of the Twins cup. The NZ no3 combination pulled in three straight wins to qualify easily just having a little bit too much for the competition. Behind them it was close to call. Invercargill’s Kevin Macdonald and Karl Hosie gained 10 points as did Karl Ostomy and Paul Whitcombe. The last place went to Chris Gains and Laurie McMahon who won the repercharge from the hard charging Mark Hanaford and Robbie Gardner who were pushed all the way by Liam Stockman and Blair Lock. The final saw the Ramsay/Hislop combination take the win from a determined Macdonald/Hosie with Gains/McMahon home third. There was some good hard spirited racing from these units. In support, the multi’s identical (almost) outfitted Wilson and Butt combinations were to the fore with Josh Wilson and Jonathon Butt getting the better of dad Pete Wilson and Darren Butt. Third were Scott Lang and Luke Elliot.

Paleti Woods only dropped one race in the 200 class to Invercargill’s Hayden Sims in heat five and went on to win the final. It was hard luck for Sims as he won all the qualifying heats but failed in the final. Second was Shilo Tocher up on a 200 for the first time while Britton Thiam came in third.

Junior 250 riders Jack McCrae and Anthony Knowles put on a fine display of riding. Talented and riders of the future but with the meeting dragging on, five two bike races were overshadowed by the performance and entertainment of the close racing in the ATV support class. Tim George won four of his five starts dropping one race to Alistair McCrae. Greg Lyall, Ian Hammond and Nina McVicar kept the others honest by getting amongst the front runners.