Rookie Mistakes

Why Your Sports Bets Are Not Going In Your Favor

It is a well-known fact that most people who place sports bets end up losing money with 90% of these bettors losing money during the year but this does not stop them from betting on sports. When these sports bettors gradually become broke such that they cannot bet anymore, someone else is always willing to take their position.

Poor money management

The main reason sports bettors lose their bets is that they manage their money poorly and not that they make poor picks. More bettors can select winners compared to those who make money and it is because of money management. Betting less money on one game and more on another game is one way to eventually lose your money. A better could win several games by betting more times than normal but the losses will catch up and they could end up in trouble.

rookie mistakes

Waging on the wrong event

Basketball and football are two of the most wagered on sports and they are the hardest to demonstrate a long-term profit for bettors. Most professional gamblers prefer baseball as it has more benefits in terms of money received. Hockey is another sport that could give you an advantage but it rakes in less money than baseball. You do not need to like hockey or baseball but if you like money, these are two sports to follow.

Lacking information

A majority of bettors know a sufficient amount to make them powerful because there is a difference between being knowledgeable in betting and being knowledgeable in the specific sport. Most sports bettors do not realize they are competing against bettors who have studied betting angles, injuries, trends, studying, and handicapping. Find someone who has time to study the games if you are not able but do not presume that you know more than the rest.

Betting more TV games than you should

Lots of sports bettors feel obligated to bet on a contest if a game is televised. Being that so many games are currently televised, some bettors can have as many as 8 bets going in one night and the number can be higher on weekends. If you will bet on each televised game, ensure the bets are much smaller than your usual bets. A good number of bettors have lost a lot of money by betting more money than normal on televised games because they trust that they are sure bets.